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G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium Driver

by Golf Research In Play

Golfers appreciate the G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium Driverís enormous beta titanium clubhead and its classic styling. Constructed using aerospace-grade, beta titanium, with the maximum allowable COR, the driverís clubface features a generous sweet spot for exceptionally long, straight drives, and fewer mis-hits. The driverís innovative design also boosts its MOI by moving its weight from its center, decreasing side spin and increasing ball speed. Swing-correcting, fixed weight ports in the rear sole provide a lower, deeper center of gravity to help close the clubface at impact, eliminating or reducing slicing.

Shape You's Review:

The first thing you notice is that it just looks great. Combined with the balanced feel in the swing, you just know the ball is gonna sail as soon as you pick up the club. And the price is amazing for such a nice driver. It retails for nearly half our expected price.