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Wholesale Trade Directory

Finally!  A wholesale trade directory built specifically for the wholesale buyers and sellers in the Health, Sports, and Fitness industries.  With everything from natural & organic foods, sports & fitness equipment, supplements, health improvement products and everything in between, we’re covering all the bases in our industry. And we put it all in one convenient location…That location happens to be wherever you and your computer are at any time.  

Since only qualified wholesale buyers can see pricing, contact and buying information, and only while they are logged in, you have the option to post details about your products that only wholesale buyers should know.  You also avoid all the spam and solicitation calls that often go along with posting your company on most directories since that info will be hidden from the public view.  On our directory, anyone can browse products and see their descriptions but only qualified buyers who have been approved by ShapeYou and are logged into their account can see any pricing, contact or company profile information if you have elected to include such information in your postings. 

How Does it Work?

Simply activate your account (Buyers and Free and Sellers pay monthly and can cancel month to month, as opposed to most directories that force you to pay 6 months up front to join.), sign in to be taken to your control panel and easily fill in any information about your company that you would like prospective buyers to know.  If you were able to navigate the Internet to find this page, you’ll have no problem featuring your company on our site.  Next, you can add products to be featured in the directory by simply typing in a title, description, pricing and ordering info (If you choose), and upload an image of the product.  It’s that easy.  If you have signed up for “Unlimited Products”, you can add, edit or delete products at anytime, 24-7. 

Best of all, you pay no “pay-per-click” fees for visitors to view your products and no commissions to ShapeYou for accounts you set up. Since your products are not sold on our website, you keep all the earnings you receive.  We are just the vehicle to bring you together with qualified buyers.  Once you have covered your monthly fee of $9.95, $19.95, or $39.95 (Depending on your option.), there are no other fees for our standard service.  Receive unlimited messages and post unlimited leads for free.  (Leads section Coming Soon.)

Free Bonuses

1.     Companies listed in the Wholesale Directory will have the option to submit up to 15 of their products, which are posted in our directory, to our GearAwards™ program for FREE.  (There is normally a submission fee per product.)

2.     If a product(s) within your company has won one of our GearAwards™, that product will receive premium placement in our category and search results for free.  Soon, companies will have the option to receive “Higher” placement for a fee but the only way to receive the premium placement is by becoming a GearAward winner.  So, if you’ve already won an award, congratulations.  If not, signing up for the Wholesale Directory is your opportunity to submit for FREE.

3.     Soon, all members will have free access to our “leads” board where you can find and post industry leads for free.  Read postings from buyers looking to set up accounts for specific products, post leads announcing a new product that you are now accepting distributors for and more.