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Choosing Organic Products for Your Grocery/Health Food Store

With so many organic and natural products coming out, how do I pick the best ones?

By Tony Hale 


The world is finally beginning to understand the benefits of organic foods and organic ingredients found in consumable and personal care products. If you’re still behind and don’t understand, read Organic Views on Organic Foods & Products. If you really haven’t heard that organic is the healthier choice, we’ll just assume that this is your first time on the internet and maybe you just discovered dental floss too. So, we’ll give you plenty of links to get more information.

If you own a health food store, grocery store, or even if you’re just a consumer looking to learn more, we’ll give you some inside info on what’s new in the world of organic and natural products. The most exciting products to hit the organic market in masses lately are all the new organic personal care products. To further understand the benefits of organic and natural personal care products, read Natural & Organic Personal Care Products: Our Heroes? Most will agree that the majority of health food stores out there are also becoming our “everything stores” since we can now buy raw organic almond butter and environmentally friendly toilet paper in the same store.

If you’re a health food store owner and you haven’t crossed over to personal care and other organic products, not only are you missing the boat, you’re also making your customers shop at two different stores to get everything they want. Even if you don’t offer a huge selection of personal care products, throwing a few essentials on the shelves can really make a difference for your shoppers. If your shoppers need toilet paper and celery and they only have time to make one stop, which stop do you think they’re going to make? The toilet paper of course, unless you sell very leafy celery.

The general public is also finally learning about the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products. If you can offer some of the organic and natural cleaning product choices, you will give your shoppers one more reason to grace your doorway. Don’t feel like you need to carry every product just because it’s organic. Just because someone makes a hammock made from organic recycled fibers doesn’t mean you need to sell them next to your organic hummus. But by diversifying your product selection away from only food choices and adding more organic and natural personal care and healthy home products, you can make your health food store a place where people can truly buy health.

We don’t sell products on our site but you can browse and read about many new natural and organic personal care products in our GearAwards section and health food storeowners can find new products in the personal care products section of our Wholesale Trade Directory.