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Frequently Asked Questions

•Do I have to pay up front for a whole year or am I obligated for any length of time once I sign up?

No.  Your membership is month to month and you can cancel at any time.


•Do sellers have to pay ShapeYou commissions on any products sold from setting up new accounts on this site?

No.  You only pay the standard monthly fee.  Buyers will contact you directly to set up new relationships and you will pay no fees or commissions for new accounts o r sales.  This is simply an online community to bring buyers and sellers together.  Almost like a dating service for your products.


•If we post our wholesale pricing, is that information available for everyone to see?

No.  Anyone can browse the site and see your product images and product descriptions.  But only qualified wholesale buyers that have been approved by us can login and see your wholesale pricing, company profile info and contact information.