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ShapeYou Wholesale Trade Directory

Finally!  A wholesale trade directory built specifically for the wholesale buyers and sellers in the Health, Sports, and Fitness industries.  With everything from natural & organic foods, sports & fitness equipment, supplements, health improvement products and everything in between, we’re covering all the bases in our industry. And we put it all in one convenient location…That location happens to be wherever you and your computer are at any time.  

Free for all qualified wholesale buyers.

With a valid seller's permit, you can access all the features and products in our Wholesale Directory for FREE.  Your only requirement is to receive our occasional e-newsletter which will allow you to stay on top of what's hot in the industry.  You will be able to browse products by category, or company or search specifically for what you are looking for.  Many companies will post specific information about their products such as pricing, minimum order quantities and more.  This information is only available to qualified wholesale buyers and only while they are logged in.  As a free member you will also have the ability to send messages to companies about their products to receive additional information.   

Coming soon, buyers will have the ability to post “Industry Leads” for free.  If you’re looking for a supplier for a specific type of product and want to sit back and receive quotes and offers, just post a lead stating that you need 100 mountain bikes by next Thursday and watch the offers come in.  

FAQs for Buyers

Are you sure there are no fees for buyers?  What’s the catch?
Simply put, to bring the whole industry together, wholesale sellers pay a fee to post their company and products, which covers the costs of running our site.  We allow buyers to join for free so they can bring more business to the sellers and everyone is happy. 
Why do I need to include my Seller’s permit information?
Many companies post pricing and other wholesale buying information on our site. Since they only want this information available to qualified wholesale buyers, you must supply proof that you qualify before we can allow you access to any of this information.  
Why do I have to receive your newsletter in order to join?
Sending the occasional newsletter allows us to keep our membership current and accurate.  It also allows us to promote new companies and products to qualified wholesale buyers allowing us to continue to offer a free membership to qualified buyers.  

Can I send offers to sellers for my products or services?
No.  Any buyer using our system to solicit products or services to our registered sellers will have their access suspended.