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Real Muscle Real Fast -
Adding muscle seems to be a mystery to most, yet if you pick up a copy of any fitness or bodybuilding magazine and you'll almost always see a healine like this: "Gain 15 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks." If it were so easy you'd have millions of muscle-heads running around....MORE

How To Start a Running Program - Running or jogging is one of the best ways there is to lose weight fast. It burns tons of calories and gets your body burning fat. Running strengthens the heart, lungs and can be done just about anywhere at anytime. The problem is most people don't know where to begin and usually do it wrong. ....MORE

Online Trainers
Get an Online Personal Trainer
Can't afford the $50-$100 per session for a personal trainer? Technology is about to change all that. Now you can train with one of ShapeYou's very own experts..... No matter where you live.
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