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Exchanging Reciprocal Links No Longer Works as well as it used to.

We are all working hard to attain quality links and search engine optimization. It can make the difference in top rankings. But the search engines are getting smart to artificial linking. Consequently, exchanging links on link pages is becoming almost worthless and a waste of time.

We propose a different strategy certain to dramatically improve your search engine ranking.

Rather then exchanging links, lets exchange articles.(If your site does not contain articles, go to Premier Button Swap) Here are the benefits. Instead of being one of countless links on a reciprocal page, you will be the only outgoing link (excluding adsense). You also get some free content for your site. Search engines love new content.

What would be more valuable, your link on a page with 20+ others (a page that has been identified by the search engines as an attempt to artificially improve your ranking), or would there be more value having your own article on our site where your link is the only one.

To be considered as an article exchange partner you must:

1. Have a site that is related to weight loss, fitness or health issues. Your home page must have a Google rank of at least 3.

2. Provide an article with a maximum of 2 links pointing to your site. Please try to have it in an HTML form.

3. Place the article below on your site.

Using Nutrition to Boost Your Cardio

4. The article must appear on a page that will eventually have a 2-4 ranking so you may need to link it from your home page, site map, or article index, but it does not necessarily need to be accessible to your visitors. Make sure there are no other external links on the page, except for Adsense if you have it. Your page will be appear in our article index and should have a 2-4 ranking once it is ranked.

5. Once you have placed the above article on your site, Contact Us with the location of the article and forward your article in the email.

This is an excellent opportunity to increase your rankings in the profitable fitness and weight loss industry...