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Exercise Instructions

Bent Arm Lateral Raise

•Begin by standing tall, feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent. 
• With weights in hand bend elbows 90 degrees, with palms facing each other and elbows tight against your waist. 
• Keeping the 90 degree bend, slowly raise your arms out to the side until your elbows are parallel with your shoulders. 
•Return to start position and repeat.

Tricip Extension

•Either a chair or bench can be used. Start sitting up straight on the chair, knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Arms straight (don't lock the elbows), hands on edge of chair with fingertips facing out.
•Slide forward so that buttocks are no longer on the chair, bend elbows slowly lowering body toward floor.
•Return to starting position and repeat.

Knees 90 Degree Pushout

•Begin by laying flat on your back with knees bent 90 degrees and arms behind head. Raise shoulders off the ground and keep them in this position throughout the exercise.
•Contract your stomach and slowly push your bent knees out slightly (no farther than 4-5 inches). Bring knees back in to starting position and repeat.
•Concentrate on keeping your lower abdominal area contracted. Tip: If this move is too challenging for you, try doing it with your shoulders resting flat on the ground throughout the move instead.

Stationary Lunge Front Raise Combo

•Step back with one foot about 3 feet, keep body weight centered. Line up feet so one is directly in front of the other. •Bend opposite front leg to about 90-degrees keeping knee above ankle. Arms hanging down and palms facing toward body.
•Simultaneously lift back leg's heel as you bend that knee and lower toward the floor. Keep upper body straight. Raise arms straight out in front of you to shoulder leve.
•Return to start position with both arms and legs straight. Switch sides.

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